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Everlast Power Band - Light to Extra Heavy

Power Resistance Bands

$ 19.98$ 44.98

  • USD: $ 10.61 - $ 23.89


When standard muscle building is becoming too mundane, look to Everlast’s Heavy Power Band. Don’t be fooled by the simple construction; these lightweight and portable bands engage the leg, thigh and buttocks muscles for enhanced strength, endurance, coordination and flexibility. Made with natural latex rubber, this band’s dynamic design helps to increase strength and stability. Heavy band provides 99-121lb (44-55kg) of resistance.

  • Enhances strength, endurance, coordination and flexibility
  • Light band provides 24-48lb (11-24kg) of resistance – Purple
  • Medium band provides 48-75lb (22-34kg) of resistance – Orange
  • Heavy band provides 99-121lb (44-55kg) of resistance – Blue
  • Extra Heavy band provides 121-231lb (55-105kg) of resistance – Black
  • Made from natural latex rubber
  • Band measures 82″ (208cm) long, 1.77″ (4.5cm) wide and 0.18″ (0.45cm) thick
  • Lightweight and portable
Resistance Level

Light, Medium, Heavy, Extra Heavy


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