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Why You Should Choose Fairtex Equipment For Your Muay Thai Training

Choosing the right Muay Thai equipment for your training is essential. Here at Fairtex, we have
a range of premium quality products for your Muay Thai gym in Canada.

From our BGV1 Muay Thai Gloves to KPLC6 Thai Kick Pads, from SP5 Shinguards to the HB6
Heavy Bag, Fairtex have become renowned as one of the global leaders in Muay Thai

But why should you choose Fairtex equipment for your Muay Thai training in Canada?

Fairtex Muay Thai equipment is handcrafted to the highest quality in Thailand. In the Motherland
of Muay Thai, training and competing is a way of life. With fighters attending the gym two or
three times a day, it is vital that the equipment used in the gym lives up to expectations. That’s
why Fairtex is the preferred choice of many Muay thai gyms.

Fairtex BGV1 Muay thai Gloves

The Fairtex BGV1 Muay Thai gloves are built for comfort, protection and long-lasting
performance. The durable, premium quality leather can takes years of punishment and show
minimal signs of wear and tear.

The Fairtex signature triple-layered padding absorbs the most powerful of punches, keeping
your hands comfortable and safe for round-after-round.

Fairtex Thai Pads

The Fairtex KPLC2 and KPLC6 Thai Kick Pads are not only crafted to withstand to toughest of
rounds and absorb the heaviest kicks, but also focused on maximum comfort and protection for
the pad holder. An essential feature for any Muay Thai coach in Canada.

Other Fairtex Muay Thai equipment such as the HG3 and HG10 Headgear, and SP3
Double-Padded Shinguards are all Muay Thai essentials for anyone training Muay Thai in

Shop all the latest Fairtex equipment direct from the official Fairtex Canada distributor at

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