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Weighted Strap

$ 59.00

  • USD: $ 43.42

If you’re looking for a way to make your workouts more intense, then try the Rival FistWork Gauntlet. Fully adjustable, you can add up to 20oz’s (0.6kg) to each glove.

The Rival FistWork Gauntlet easily attaches to any boxing glove sporting a hook & loop wrist strap.

This weighted strap is ideal in the training and development of your functional muscle mass by adding resistance to your workout. You will notice your enhanced speed and power immediately. Turn any pair of gloves into a pair of weighted bag gloves instantly.


  • Sold as a Pair;
  • Made of Super Resistant Amara with Weighted Steel Inserts;
  • Weight: Fully adjustable up to 20oz (0.6kg);
  • Length: 23″ (58cm);
  • Width: 4″ (10cm).

* Gloves Sold Separately


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