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Namman Muay Thai Boxing Liniment 450ml

450ml – Thai Liniment

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  • USD: $ 20.71 - $ 180.54

This oil from Thailand keeps the muscles loose and warm during training, and helps with muscle & joint pains. A must to eliminate pain & stiffness!

31% Methylsalicylate.

***Shake before use, and keep it away from your eyes and other sensitive areas!!***


  • Must not be used by people who are sensitive to any ingredient contained in the product.
  • Not suitable for pregnant, breastfeeding women and children.
  • Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes.
  • Wash hands thoroughly after use
  • For external use only.


  • In combination with massage helps to improve muscle blood circulation.
  • Brings warm-cool feeling.
  • Suitable as a warm up massage oil, easy to spread.
  • Suitable massage oil for worn-out muscle relief.
  • Perfect for athletes, but also for those who need to warm up and prepare the muscles for intensive physical performance.


  • Apply to the muscles, tendons, joints and massage into skin.

Available in Singles, or a case of 12.


1 Bottle, Case – 12 Bottles


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