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Karate, Taekwondo and MMA Headgear.

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Macho SparTec is the safest, best performing injection-molded headgear on the market.

The newest headgear innovation at Macho: SparTec, for pros and teams in sport Karate, Taekwondo and MMA. Macho enlisted the expertise of its sister company MDI Products, LLC and leading martial artists to design and manufacture the high-performance SparTec Headgear. Together they spent three years in development, conducted numerous rounds of tests and continued to modify and enhance the Macho SparTec headgear until it met everyone’s expectation. The result: Macho SparTec is the safest, best performing injection-molded headgear on the market.

  • Signature ear-release canal with Patent Pending impact dispersing trauma plates. Low profile around the ear without sacrificing protection. A trauma plate is layered inside the impact absorbing foam to add an extra layer of protection over the ear and side of head, a common strike zone in sparring.
  • Polycell Proprietary Injection-Molded Foam Formulation.Virtually indestructible yet protective injection-molded foam developed exclusively for Macho.
  • Two adjustable straps. Size your headgear to fit perfectly with the adjustable rear strap. Secure it firmly with two way adjustable chin strap.
  • Functional placement of holes. Enhances hearing, ventilation and comfort during sparring sessions.
  • Impact tested on the only equipment of its kind in the U.S. Based on the criteria outlined in the ASTM standard specification for protective headgear used in martial arts, Macho tested the SparTec headgear using the high-speed swing arm test in Macho’s product testing facility.
  • Macho SparTec outperformed all other molded headgear tested.
  • High-performance features trusted by pro athletes. Safety features every parent can count on. From the testing lab to the tournament circuit, Macho SparTec outperforms the competition for safety and performance.



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