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Hayabusa Steel Armored Cup

$ 25.29

  • CAD: $ 32.00

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Traditional Steel Cups have a long history of use and are the standard for those seeking the highest level of protection. For experienced fighters, this style cup is hands down the only option to feel 100% safe from a low blow. Inferior steel cups however can be bulky, heavy and even fit poorly because of the shape, materials or overall design.

Hayabusa’s Steel Armored Cup uses premium lightweight cast steel designed and molded for an absolutely perfect shape and fit for maximum comfort. The outer and inner padding and soft laces deliver a feel that other cups are not able to achieve. No other cup provides the secure fit and shape like this Steel Cup for best performance and safety.

Muay Thai design and tie system
Premium cast steel for indestructible strength
Perfect molded shape for an ideal fit
Contoured inner padding and soft laces provide maximum comfort
Outer cushion layer ensures full protection for both wearer and striker
Secure fit ensures no shifting
Perfect for Muay Thai, Kickboxing and MMA


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