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Hayabusa Star Wars Galaxy Hand Wraps – Multiple Designs

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Stretch Handwraps 180″

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Iconic Star Wars Designs

Perfect Stretch Fabric

Secure Thumb Loop

Star Wars™ Galaxy Hand Wraps

You can feel the difference with one touch; Star Wars Galaxy Hand Wraps are ultra-soft with the perfect amount of stretch. Custom-blended fabric comfortably conforms to your hands, adding an essential layer of support and protection when you train. At 180 inches, these Mexican-style hand wraps are finished with intricate designs inspired by complex characters, tech, and one-of-a-kind aesthetics that make Star Wars so iconic.


  • Intricate Star Wars design details 
  • Conforms to your hands with perfect stretch blended fabric
  • 180-inch length delivers optimal support for hands, wrists, & knuckles
  • Ultra-soft and breathable materials keep your hands comfortable 
  • Extra-wide hook & loop closure delivers a secure fit
  • Equipped with a starter thumb loop & ‘This Side Down’ graphic


Length: 180-Inches
Width: 2-Inches
Closure: Low profile hook and loop
Starter loop: Yes
Materials: 42% polyester silk, 58% polyester thread
Care Instructions: Machine wash cold (We recommend using a wash bag). Dryer Safe
Best for: Boxing, kickboxing, muay thai, & more

Perfect Stretch Fabric
The perfect stretch fabric delivers an incredibly comfortable, conforming fit. Once wrapped, the perfect stretch fabric allows you to form a tight fist without feeling restrictive or tight.

Preventing Injuries
Every fighter should wrap their hands before they train. It helps protect the tiny bones in your hands and delivers additional support to your wrist to prevent awkward bends.

Intricate Star Wars Designs
Every glove is meticulously crafted with intricate design details to reflect the complex characters, technology, and one-of-a-kind aesthetics that makes Star Wars iconic.


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