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Hayabusa Star Wars Galaxy Boxing Gloves – Multiple Designs

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Star Wars Boxing Gloves

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Iconic Star Wars Designs

World-Renowned Wrist Support

Precise Dual-Strap Fit

Sith Boxing Gloves

An ancient order of Force-wielders devoted to the dark side, the Sith™ are driven by their emotions and obsessed with power. Known for their black attire and aggressive demeanor, the Sith have but one goal; galactic conquest. Inspired by Darth Vader, Darth Maul, and other leaders, these gloves embody the menacing appearance of the Sith, including their iconic red-bladed lightsabers.

Boba Fett Boxing Gloves

The most fearsome and capable bounty hunter in the galaxy. Boba Fett was a skilled fighter and strategist from a young age, working contracts for the Empire and the criminal underworld throughout his career, building a reputation and becoming a legend. Using two unique designs, these gloves embody Boba Fett’s one-of-a-kind Mandalorian armor and deadly weaponry. 

Trooper Boxing Gloves

Fanatically loyal and deadly effective, clones and stormtroopers formed the backbone of galactic warfare for decades. Often trained from birth, troopers are fitted with imposing white armor and travel in hordes to intimidate their enemies. Inspired by all three generations of troopers, these gloves employ crucial elements from each set of armor to strike a distinct balance. 

Based on Hayabusa’s T3 Boxing Gloves, featuring world-renowned splinted wrist support, max knuckle protection, and a precise dual-strap fit for unparalleled comfort.


  • Intricate Star Wars™ design details & craftsmanship
  • Dual-X interlocking wrist straps deliver a comfortable & precise fit
  • World-renowned splinted support provides perfect wrist alignment
  • Multi-layered technology foam composition supplies max knuckle protection
  • Ultra-soft temperature-regulating lining keeps your hands cool


Wrist Support: Dual-X® plus 4x Fusion Splinting®
Hand Protection: Deltra-EG® multi-layered technology foam
Closure: Dual-X® dual-strap interlocking closure
Lining: Temperature regulating AG® Fabric
Materials: Vylar® Engineered leather
Ergonomics: Ergonomic thumb position
Extras: Attached thumb, perforated palm, grip bar
Best for: Intermediate / advanced

World-Renowned Wrist Support

Hayabusa’s patented Fusion Splinting® and Dual-X® closure deliver unparalleled wrist support. Once you strap up, your hands are protected by splints that perfectly align your hands and wrists to prevent injuries as you train.

High-Impact Protection

Our exclusive Deltra-EG® knuckle protection consists of a specialized technology foam composition designed to absorb impacts and dissipate energy, so your hand is always ready to land the next strike.

Official Star Wars Gloves

Each glove is meticulously crafted to reflect the vast Star Wars galaxy with dozens of intricate design elements that make them distinctive training gloves and official collector’s pieces


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