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Hayabusa PTS3 Thai Pads

$ 149.05

  • CAD: $ 189.00

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Our Thai pads were designed to take endless amounts of punishment. The average muay thai roundhouse kick packs an avg. of 1200 pounds of force which is why we obsessed about every detail of the pad’s construction. It’s made of a high quality 5 layer foam composition, all lace construction, reinforced handles, dual expanded straps and crack resistant shell. We also made these to last a long time for you and your gym. We used non-absorbent materials that are easy to wipe and keep clean after every training session.

Sold in Pairs

WHAT WE LOVE ABOUT THEM:  The pre curved spine with 5-layers of top grade foam. No recycled foam. We used non absorbent materials so it’s easy to clean and wipe after class. We love that you can train hard with your partner or student and still be protected.Other stuff we love: Wider strap for comfort, low profile design, riveted and reinforced grips, and metal buckles.


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