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Free Shipping Over $99

Hayabusa PTS3 Kick Shield

$ 199.00

  • USD: $ 155.21

Kick Shield

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Versatile in every sense, the kick shield absorbs a huge amount of force and is easy to use. 3 reinforced handles, no recycled foam, impact dispersing foam composition and crack resistant shell will make this an essential part of your go to training kit.

The foam composition has 3 zones: firm + soft + firm. The firm front layers absorbs the hit, which is then dispersed by the soft middle layers. Any left over force is then absorbed by the back layers of foam, which results in less force transferred to the person holding the kick shield.
Height: 21 in
Width: 17.5 in
Depth (back to front): 5 in
Weight: 7.5 lbs


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