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Hayabusa Marvel’s Wolverine Boxing Gloves

Wolverine Boxing Gloves

$ 299.00

  • USD: $ 161.96

A mutant with unstoppable healing power, adamantium metal claws, and a no-nonsense attitude makes Wolverine one of the most ferocious heroes in the universe. This expert combatant has channeled his animalistic rage to become one of the X-Men’s most dedicated forces for good. Inspired by Logan’s traditional suit, each glove depicts his classic yellow and black colors, along with his claw holsters and X-Men logo. 

  • Custom Wolverine design with intricate character details
  • Dual-X interlocking wrist straps deliver a comfortable & precise fit
  • World-renowned splinted support provides perfect wrist alignment
  • Multi-layered technology foam composition supplies max knuckle protection
  • Microfiber thumb allows you to wipe away sweat
  • Ultra-soft temperature regulating lining keeps your hands cool
  • Hayabusa X Marvel certificate of authenticity

Wrist Support: Dual-X® plus 4x Fusion Splinting®

Hand Protection: Deltra-EG® multi-layered technology foam

Closure: Dual-X® dual-strap interlocking closure

Lining: Temperature regulating AG® Fabric

Materials: Vylar® Engineered leather

Ergonomics: Ergonomic thumb position

Extras: Attached thumb, perforated palm, grip bar

Best for: Intermediate / advanced


12oz, 16oz

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