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Free Shipping Over $99

Damage Control Mouthguard X-Ray

$ 26.99

  • USD: $ 16.20

Boil & Bite Mouthguard


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X-Ray Mouthguard. Radiate that see through smile.

Damage Control High Impact Mouthguards are made out of Damprotech™ material. Damprotech™ is a damping material that is 150% more shock absorbent than EVA (EVA is the material used by nearly all mouthguard companies).  Damage Control has done several independent scientific studies with Sandia Labs one in which ran tests on Damptrotech™ and other materials used by mouthguard companies, and concluded Damroptech™ to be the most shock absorbent.  More information on the research can be seen at

Breath Better, Feel Better-Play Better:

Our customers say our mouthguards are the most comfortable best fitting mouthguards because of how well they fit to their teeth.  Eliminate distractions of a mouthguard shifting around in your mouth and focus on your game.



Adult 11+, Youth 10-


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