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Free Standing Heavy Bag

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Get a great workout with the Torrent T1 bag! Perfect for cardio kickboxing and other fight-fitness training, the T1 features a two-part inner stem design to allow the bag to bend more, and shift the base less. Because running is a great workout…but running after your bag isn’t!


This freestanding bag can be used for the same types of training as a traditional heavy bag, but with several advantages. If you wanted to train on a bag, you needed to hang it. Which meant drilling holes in your ceiling or wall, or investing in a hanging bag stand. However, with a free standing bag simply remove the item from its box, velcro the bag onto its base, and then start using!

In addition, the Torrent free standing bag makes portability easier than ever. Simply tilt the bag where the side of the base meets the floor. Then just roll the bag out of your way. Store it in a corner, a storage area, or against a back wall. The possibilities are endless with this freestanding bag


Some bags screw into their base in a specific direction, either clockwise or counterclockwise. Torrent does not rely on you screwing the bag to the base, preventing the bag from loosening over time!

Torrent, features a unique, patent-pending Velcro Lock System that allows the bag to be rolled counter- or regular-clockwise without coming loose! This also means it’ll stay put if you’ve got heavy kickers repeatedly striking one side – something else that can cause bags to loosen


Made in the USA, there are many great things about getting your bags from Century. One is the variety. Another is knowing you’re supporting an North American company. Century uses official testing. Their products undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet industry standards. They fill the bags with high-quality material. And firmly believe that the better the equipment you train with, the better your training results will be.


 Age Group All Ages
Bag Type Freestanding
Base Dimensions 24″ Diameter x 14″ Height
Dimensions 15” Diameter x 60” Height
Line Torrent T1
Martial Arts Style Multiple
Weight Filled: 245lbs
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