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Adidas Mat Wizard Hype

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Boxing / Wrestling Shoes

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Boxing / Wrestling Shoes

Adidas Mat Wizard 4 Hype- The Hype That Delivers
The word hype carries a lot of significance in the wrestling world. Whether it’s hype for an upcoming matchup, your next opponent, or an upcoming wrestling shoe release. But like everything else, it either lives up to the hype, or it doesn’t. It flourishes under pressure, or it begins to crack. The newly released Adidas Mat Wizard Hype does just what it’s supposed to, it dominates when the stakes get high.
The Adidas Mat Wizard Hype is essentially the same model of the past Mat Wizard 4 with a new stylistic twist. If you haven’t made yourself familiar with the Mat Wizard 4 already, we’ll give you the basic rundown. The wizards over at Adidas created this mid-cut shoe to be one of their most supportive, responsive, and advanced shoes to date. The upper of the shoe is made of an extremely durable and highly breathable mesh that keeps your feet dry and comfortable for hours long. The tongue is topped with a sleek lace pocket that can cleanly and securely tuck the laces away with little hassle and no tape. The sides are made of a fabric, mesh and TPU material (it’s a really durable and flexible plastic, don’t worry we had to do our research on it too). This allows the Mat Wizard Hype to have the ultimate sock like fit right out of the box. Which means that it only gets better with age. The midsole is made of an EVA foam that makes a wedge like angle to keep you securely and comfortably on your toes. This sneaky addition makes for a powerful offense and unusually fast re-attacks with no magic wands or spells required. The soles on the bottom of the Mat Wizard 4 is Adidas’s brand new, high grip, and extremely popular unisole design. Much like other maximum grip shoes, the soles rise higher up on the ankle which allows for maximum grip in every position. The bottoms also feature drive-specific areas located in important areas of the foot, giving the ultimate edge. Unlike a lot of other grip-focused models of wrestling shoes available, the Mat Wizard maintains very high levels of flexibility that is hard to find in other unisole shoes.

The Hype is real with the new colors that Adidas has put out for the upcoming season, with a taste that can work with anyone’s palate. With a patriotic rendition, a classic black and gold colorway, and the perfect iced out version for a finals match, there’s nothing not to love. If performance under pressure is what you’re looking for (and we hope that’s true) WrestlingMart can confirm that the Mat Wizard 4 Hype does in fact, live up to the hype.

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