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The rise of Muay Thai in the last few decades has been nothing short of meteoric. Muay Thai was developed and practiced by ancient Thai warriors in the tropics. For a long time this devastating and effective form of striking was only practiced in Thailand. It was the best kept secret in martial arts. However in the last few decades Muay Thai’s popularity has exploded and has been adopted by aspiring fighters and trainees in all corners of the world. Canada is no exception. Muay Thai has most definitely landed here. There is currently a wave of future champions and trainee’s honing their craft far away from the tropics of Thailand here in the snow swept provinces of Canada. Canadian MMA fighters are also realizing that Muay Thai is the most effective striking foundation to adopt. Fairtex will be there to support this new wave of Canadian enthusiasts by providing them with the tools needed  to master their craft. On the back of this demand Fairtex are proud to announce they have established an exclusive Canadian store. To celebrate this let’s take a look at the history of Muay Thai equipment, using then and now comparisons.

Then – Heavy Bags

Ancient Muay Thai practitioners used to hone their kicking on the soft, porous banana trees which were aplenty in Thailand. After a while these trees would buckle.

Now – Heavy Bags

The famous Fairtex Banana Bag (Fairtex HB6) is an all round perfect tool for training in striking. A durable heavy bag 6ft long providing a full contact , full body workout.

Then – Thai Pads

Originally, Muay Thai combatants would practice striking on empty coconuts filled with sand. These coconuts were especially favoured for practicing elbow strikers.

Now- Thai Pads

Fairtex KPLC2 Thai pads are the perfect tool to sharpen striking. They allow training partners to practice their full arsenal of strikes, perfect for stringing together combos of punches, kicks, knees and elbows.

Then – Boxing gloves and Shin Pads

Ancient Muay Thai warriors would use horse hair, or leather hand wraps to protect their hands and wrists. Shin guards were non existent.

Now- Boxing Gloves and Shin Pads

The boxing gloves and shin pads today that Fairtex offer today provide a safe and effective way to train striking. Fairtex boxing gloves Bvg1 and Fairtex shin pads Sp3 and Sp5 are an amazing tool for sparring partners to train and simulate fight situations in a safe manner. The ultra sleek Fairtex shorts are comfortable, stylish and perfect for training as well.

Our Vision for Canadian Muay Thai

While it’s interesting to look back on Muay Thai’s colourful history, Fairtex will be there playing a significant role in creating a distinctly Canadian Muay Thai identity. We want to see fighter’s training in the depth of winter in the Canadian snow. We want to see cities like Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver become Muay Thai powerhouses, attracting aspiring fighters from all over the world. While Canada’s Muay Thai history is very young , we want to see Canadian’s create their own identity and forge their own path in the Muay Thai world. Fairtex will be there providing the tools to support all levels of Canadian Muay Thai enthusiasts from  young aspiring fighters,beginner’s starting their journey , and for those who want to exercise and learn a useful discipline at the same time.

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