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Rival RBP - One Body Protector - The Shield - Multiple Colours

Body / Chest Protector 

$ 449.00

  • USD: $ 234.81

The evolution of the most dynamic piece of equipment in a trainers repertoire has arrived.

After over a year of development and testing, Rival is proud to introduce the newest, highest performing standard in a body protector that the boxing world has ever seen.

While you may not be able to leap tall building in a single bound, the hardest punches thrown will be like bullets bouncing off Superman’s chest. This body shield now makes you, the coach, feel invincible.



  • Made of Industrial Quality Synthetic Rich PU to Withstand the Most Vigorous Training Schedules;
  • Over 4″ (20 cm) of Polyurethane, EVA and High Density Foam Padding Sandwiched Around a 2.5 mm Thick Sheet of Plastic, to Be Able to Withstand the Hardest Punchers in the Game;
  • Perfectly Balanced to Comfortably Sit on your Shoulders with our Padded Shoulder Straps;
  • Complete Ergonomic Adjustment Straps at the Shoulders, Back and Sides for a Perfect, Comfortable Fit;
  • Freedom of Movement of the Arms for Use with your Mitt Work as Well;
  • Simply Put, the Best There is !;
  • Performance Guaranteed.

Black, Black/Blue, Black/Gold, Black/Red, Red/White/Blue


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