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Hayabusa Combat Mouth Guard - White/Red

$ 15.80

  • CAD: $ 20.00

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Adult 10+

Comfortable Secure Fit

Dual Density Protection

Breathable Design

The Hayabusa Combat Mouth Guard has latex free silicone gel that provides comfortable impact protection. Its double layer density works together to provide a secure fit with full coverage.

Simply boil and bite to protect your mouth, teeth and gums.


Moldable silicone gel provides a secure, precise fit
Dual density structure to protect your mouth
Helps protect against injury to teeth, jaw, joint, lips & gums
Low profile design provides comfort
Integrated airflow channels for excellent breathability
Ventilated carrying case for hygienic transportation.


Materials: EVA/Silicone gel
Care Instructions: Clean with toothpaste and water after use. Store in carrying case
Returns are not accepted for this item.


Hayabusa Combat Mouth Guard Fitting Instructions

1) Boil water

2) Pour hot water into a mug

3) Submerge Mouth guard for 30-90 seconds

4) Remove with a utensil and let cool until comfortable undefined

5) Adjust to the right position in front of a mirror

6) Bite down firmly. Apply even pressure with fingers and tongue

7) Hold for 30 seconds to ensure it conforms to your teeth

8) Carefully remove mouth guard

9) Hold under cold running water to cool completely

10) Test fit to make sure it fits properly

Repeat steps 1-10 if your mouth guard doesn’t fit properly.


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