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Everlast Powerlock Training Gloves Women's WSD 12oz

$ 54.53

  • CAD: $ 69.00

Women’s Specific Design 12oz Boxing Gloves

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SKU: P00000745

Using equipment that is tailor-made to fit your body type will help you achieve your sports and fitness goals as fast as you throw punches. Get the most optimal fit for your hands with Everlast’s WSD Powerlock Training Gloves (WSD = Women’s Specific Design).

Specially designed for female athletes, these gloves feature ergonomic layered-foam that shield your hands while providing flawless comfort and balance during rapid movement. This technology also secures your hand in its natural fist position so you can deliver the most effective hits during training.

The Everlast WSD Powerlock innovations ensure that features, such as the revised thumb placement, will help you avoid injury during any level of endurance. Your pair is built to last, thanks to its high-grade synthetic leather construction.

Everlast WSD Powerlock gloves are ideal to use towards boxing, MMA, sparring, martial arts and other contact sports. Start getting the most out of your workout or training session; deliver every hit with precision and confidence.


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