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Everlast Agility Ladder

$ 23.65

  • CAD: $ 29.99

Agility Ladder 

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Whether you need to train for an upcoming tournament or just want to break a sweat, you’ll want to ensure that your equipment is going to help improve your overall performance. Accelerate your heartbeat and test your pace with Everlast’s Agility Ladder.

This portable agility ladder provides you with a simple method to helps improve your foot and speed agility. With enough practice, you’ll develop better coordination, balance and overall fitness. It’s the perfect tool to incorporate into a variety of sports drills, warm-up activities and cardio workouts. Its bright, bold shade gives high visibility while the flat plastic construction aligns with flat surfaces, both indoors and outdoors. This ladder also features a quick release coupling on the ends so 2 or more can be joined to create a lengthy drill. Use the included bag to transport your ladder.

No matter what your level of fitness is or how old you are, this ladder will give you a huge boost in stamina, all while keeping your equipment collection simple and effective.

Size: 13′ (3.96 m) x 19.75″ (50.16 cm)


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