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Everlast 1910 11Lb Headhunter Bag

Leather Head Hunter Bag

$ 199.00

  • USD: $ 146.16

SKU: P00002276


The look and feel of a punching bag with the functionality of a slip ball, the Everlast 1910 Head Hunter Bag combines two traditional workouts into one convenient high-quality package. Balanced design offers the perfect combination of swing, weight and surface area for hyper targeted strike, slip and block work. Genuine full grain leather construction holds up to even the heaviest of punchers while reinforced strap and d-ring mounts keeps this bag swinging. Practice your uppercuts, jabs, hooks and more as the bag’s rounded shape accommodates punches of all kinds from all angles. Practice your slip and counter with precision, with the Everlast 1910 Head Hunter Bag.

  • Made of genuine full grain leather for unmatched durability
  • 11lb hybrid punch bag/slip ball
  • Reinforced straps and D-ring mounts
  • Rounded shape accommodates all types of punches
  • Dimensions approx: 10” x 10”


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